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Guests use their normal iPhone & Android cameras.
Photos & videos are instantly auto-shared to everyone!

Just use your normal phone camera
to stream photos instantly

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Full resolution photos & videos.
For you AND your guests

Photos are viewable, shareable
and downloadable in real time + Friends who couldn't attend can follow along!

How much of your wedding is really captured?

Wedding Hashtags
Bugging everyone to send photos and videos
Apps that require guests to upload photos manually
veri with
auto-share technology

An end-to-end photography experience.

You create your veri wedding event
veri invites your guests and helps them sign up
veri reminds guests to take photos on the big day!
veri auto shares everyone's photos & videos as they're being taken
veri makes it easy to save and share to Dropbox, Facebook, Google...
You & your guests can have all the moments from your wedding forever

All of the
photos & videos
from your wedding

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Free app for you & your guests using our auto-share technology
Full resolution photos instantly
Full length videos instantly
Beautiful web gallery with a custom URL
Automatic reminders sent to your guests
Custom cards with invite info for your guests
Hand curated photo book (optional)
Photo prints (optional)

veri FAQ

What exactly will my guests have to do?
They simply download an app onto their phone and the moment the wedding starts they just take photos and videos as they normally would (with their normal phone camera)
Do my guests needs to upload, tag or take photos in the app?
Nope, guests just take photos and videos with their normal phone camera and the veri app automatically shares them
Won't it be hard to get all my guests to download an app?
Nope! We do all the asking and reminding for you. The beauty of veri is that guests actually WANT to download the app bc it means they ALSO get / see all of the photos!
What percentage of photos and videos can I expect to get from my guests?
100% from the guests that participate. Typically about 30-50% of the guests you invite will participate.
Can I save, keep, share the photos or are they stuck in your magical cloud thingy?
You (and all of your guests) can save, share and download photos to your phone, computer, and all the popular cloud storage / social networks!
Wait photos and videos my guests take with their normal phone camera automatically get shared? How is that possible?
It took us almost a year to build the technology that makes this not only possible, but reliable, fast and battery efficient!
I see a lot of apps that claim to help guests share photos. Why is this so much better?
Because veri is the first product to ever make it so easy for your guests to share their photos - that they will ACTUALLY do it. In fact we estimate that you will get about 10x more photos and videos with veri bc photos and videos are automatically shared (no uploading or separate camera app required). Plus we manage the entire process of getting your guests to download the app and reminding them to take photos the day of.
Wait all my guests photos and videos are going to fill up my camera roll!!????
NOOO!!! All of your guests photos and videos will appear in the veri app and in a web based album. But you choose which you want to save to your camera roll (or anywhere else)!
Will all these photos and videos use up all my / my guests' iPhone storage!?
Nope! All the photos are stored in our secure cloud and take up no space on your phone - unless you choose to download them to your camera roll!
Is this meant to replace a photographer / videographer?
Some people choose to use just veri instead of a photographer / videographer. Most use it as a compliment to get all the perspectives, stories and angles no photographer would ever be able to get.
Can I print the photos? Are they full resolution?
Yes and Yes!